by Spartan Jet-Plex

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These are some of the first semi-serious recordings I have. I sing off key a lot and I must say that my vocals have improved in recent years, but I really think this is the start of me blending vocals and layering. I am onto something even if these are all diamonds in the rough, really rough. I appreciate the constraints of only having four tracks. I think I have come a long way, but I can hear in these songs where I was trying to go, and I think you can hear that future in the new songs. This was late 90s and maybe some early 2000s. I was going by classylady on Myspace- the worst name for sure, but kind of funny in a stupid way. I think I hid behind humor because I was way less confident and sure about music and writing songs and playing and singing than I am now, and so I did not take what I was doing as seriously back then, but I think I meant to or should have. I think you can hear the desire to make great music, but also hear my fear and insecurity, and even though I have the same feelings now from time to time, I really have grown and improved and think I am always getting closer to what I wish to be. I know where I am even if it isn't exactly where I want to be, and that is far more advanced than I was at in my late 20s and 30s. All of it is a journey, hopefully forward, but I still I have the never ending fear that I am slipping backwards instead. How couldn't I given the state we are in? I have to believe there are strong enough and present minded enough people to withstand what is to come and survive for something better. I need something to hold onto.


released October 15, 1998



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Spartan Jet-Plex Virginia

I am cells inside a cell.

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